Anno 60 Squared Gin

To celebrate founders Andy and Norman's 60th birthdays, Anno Distillers have lovingly handcrafted a sumptuous Kentish concoction that will tantalise your taste buds.

Named 'Anno 60 Squared Gin' this exclusive celebratory release of 1000 bottles combines a selection of local hops, woody botanicals, and enticing spices to give a fantastically smooth and deep over proof 60% spirit. 

Enjoy the taste of 60 Squared as the flavours of juniper, angelica root and aromatic spices unwind across your tongue before gracefully giving way to the sweet liquorice and hop after notes.

To concoct the perfect G&T pour a generous helping of chilled 60 Squared over ice, add premium Indian Tonic water, and garnish with a twist of lemon or orange for an added citrusy infusion.



Tasting Notes:


Appearance:  A bright, clear liquid.


Nose:  Distinctive juniper notes with a citrus lift and sweetness from hops and aromatic spices


Taste:  Classic juniper with bold woody notes bursting in the mouth, giving way to tantalising spiciness


Finish:  Long lasting sweetness from hops, balanced with woody flavours ending with a dry lift