Anno Cranberry Gin

Anno Cranberry Gin

(Available from October- December)

Bring the sights, scents and celebrations of the festive season indoors with this special limited edition Christmas Spiced Cranberry Gin.

Indulge in the pleasant reminiscent warmth of a roaring log fire as our Cranberry Gin - made with a delicious double infusion of our award winning Kent Dry Gin base, fresh cranberries, and piquant spices - slowly warms you from head to toe.

A truly festive concoction, we have tenderly handcrafted our cranberry gin to ensure it tantalises your taste buds. We invigorate the Anno Kent Dry Gin with beautiful fresh cranberries and then the splendid spiciness of cassia and cloves, which adds an air of aromatics to please multiple senses all at once and leave a mouth-watering long-lasting flavour.

While equally tasty drunk neat or with a quality tonic, why not experiment with adding champagne or sparkling wine for an alternative festive fizz for the Christmas dinner table?

Tasting notes:

Appearance: Silky smooth with an invitingly moreish crimson aesthetic.

Nose: Light, sweet hints of orange with occasional flurries of cinnamon and cloves.

Taste: An immediately gratifying burst of fruitiness is pushed aside by zesty orange, before making way for the spiciness from the cloves.

Finish: Quite simply the ultimate Christmas in a bottle aftertaste experience! The fruit flavourings delightfully linger on the palate while the cinnamon and cloves twinkle across your taste buds and leave just a slight hint of dryness for you to savour.


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neat with ice and orange


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