Anno Elderflower & Vodka

“Anno Elderflower&Vodka is fresh, floral and fragrant. Its crisp brightness gives exceptional versatility for cocktails.”


Carrying on our fine tradition of lovingly hand-crafting each product, Anno Elderflower&Vodka is the second delectable offering from Anno Distillers, Kent’s first ever micro-distillers.

Taking inspiration from our home among the stunning Kent countryside, we have responsibly sourced from local growers the finest elderflower the ‘Garden of England’ has to offer.

Fresh elderflower is vapour infused into our vodka via the botanicals basket of our stunning 300-litre copper-pot still - affectionately named ‘Patience’ - and then mixed with our secret elderflower pressé recipe to produce a beautifully fresh and floral spirit drink, with a long-lasting flavour that slowly reveals its exciting flavours as it dances across the taste-buds.

At 29% abv Anno Elderflower&Vodka is a welcome contrast to other elderflower products currently available on the market. Neither strictly a spirit or strictly a liqueur, it has been designed to fill a niche for those wanting an exceptionally versatile drink that is happy as the base in many fantastic cocktails, or enjoyed on its own merits as a standalone product. 

Anno Elderflower&Vodka is sumptuous when served neat over ice, combined within a phenomenal range of cocktails, or paired perfectly with English sparkling wine or Prosecco for a lovely Elderflower Fizz - ideal for a toast at a special occasion, such as New Year’s Eve or a wedding in the glorious countryside.

Tasting notes: 


A clear spirit that shines with a subtle yellow hue.


A crisp, bright and aromatic bouquet of elderflower, with underlying tones of peach and hints of honey.


Smooth and silky, with harmony between the fresh and floral elderflower notes.


Long-lasting sweetness and evolving floral freshness accompanied with a little warmth on the chest


Short Pour

 Anno Elderflower&Vodka with Ice



Long Pour

 Elderflower Fizz




Elderflower G&T


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