Anno Sloe Gin

“Anno Sloe Gin is beautifully balanced, deep and rich, with a distinctive almond nose and a big berry burst of flavour”


Using our multi-award winning Anno Kent Dry Gin as a superb starting point, we’ve added some of the finest sloes available from the beautiful Kent countryside, to create a wonderful concoction sure to delight your senses. 

Hand-crafted in the perfected Anno Distillers tradition, here at Kent’s first micro-distillery we scour the local countryside to obtain the exquisite local botanicals which give our sloe gin that unique taste of Kent; including samphire from the Romney Marsh, lavender from the National Collection at Downderry nursery, and locally foraged elderflower and rose hips and of course Kentish sloe berries.

We infuse the spirit with handpicked Kentish sloes using a secret method to extract all the flavour from the fruit and the stone, which culminates in perhaps the most extraordinary sloe gin you will ever taste.  
Anno Sloe Gin is beautifully warming and perfect to be enjoyed neat, perhaps after a long winter’s walk or other outdoor activities. It’s a very versatile spirit, so can also be enjoyed with soda, lemonade or tonic, or combined perfectly with English sparkling wine or Prosecco for a lovely Sloe Gin Fizz - ideal for a toast at Christmas or on a special occasion.

Tasting notes: 


 A ruby-red, slightly viscous, liquid that exudes a beautifully deep and rich quality. 


 A highly aromatic, rich, and fruity bouquet with a distinctively almond nose.


Initially a big berry hit followed by a fantastic nuttiness emerging from the sloe stones. It is also smooth, complex and enticing, with port-like richness.


 A long, fruity flavour with a hint of sweetness that slowly smoulders, culminating in deep warmth to the chest. Bottom notes of woodland and floral botanicals coming from the base spirit are also in abundance.


Short Pour  

Anno Sloe Gin neat


Long Pour 

Anno Sloe Gin with Bitter Lemon




Sloe Sparkling


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