The Distillery

Where the Magic Happens

It has been 200 years in the waiting but Anno Distillers is here!

The first gin Distillery in Kent since the Maidstone Distillery was active in the late 1700s.  Anno Distillers are based in the village of Marden, which is surrounded by the beautiful Kent countryside and orchards. 

Many of the villages in the Weald of Kent, including Marden, were formed in the Dark Ages as herdsmen made clearings to stay in as they herded sheep and pigs through the thick forests.  The clearings known as ‘dens’ eventually developed into permanent settlements and one of these became Marden.

“We feel privileged to have Kent, the Garden of England, on our doorstep.”

The fertile Earth is our playground, home to a lavish abundance of wonderful, fresh produce and interesting botanicals that allow us to carefully select local ingredients to flavour our products.  Being obsessive experimenters and with a passion to create the highest quality spirits, we work relentlessly to nurture the distinctive and exciting flavours, transforming them to provide a perfect harmony of tastes and aromas using Patience, our unique copper-pot still.

A hands on business from the start, Andy, Norman and Kim were directly involved in all aspects of setting up the distillery building from painting and plumbing, to even installing the still.

We started with an empty building, but much like a blank canvas it allowed us to create just the environment we needed.  After a lot of time, hard graft and the installation of Patience, our still, the distillery feels much more like home.

The Distillery