Our Name & Bottles

It’s a Science Thing

“We believe the Anno ‘A’ presents an exciting link between our professional past, a representation of the process we use to make our spirits and the aim of alchemists to turn base metals into gold, or in our case, base botanicals into the finest elixir for your drinking pleasure.”


We are science-based to our core.  Our name ‘Anno’ has been crafted from the Christian names of the co-founders, ANdy and NOrman.


The "A" monogram is taken from an ancient German Alchemical text and was used as the symbol to describe the process of distillation, which of course ties in beautifully with our company name.  The logo, together with our strap-line 'The Spirit of Alchemy' nicely connects our scientific background with our products.


Anno Kent Dry Gin BottleGin Bottle

Our Gin bottles combine our alchemical ‘A’ with copper to represent Patience, our unique copper-pot still, where the magic happens.  The green writing alludes to the history of gin, as traditionally it has often been presented in a green bottle.  However, it also evokes an image of the Garden of England, with hop bines curling around their supports, but creating a dancing, smoke-like effect as the writing reflects back through the glass, mirroring the mysticism and spirit of alchemy.


Further products in the Anno range including Anno Sloe Gin and Anno Elderflower&Vodka are presented in an alternative bottle relating back to our heritage to alchemy. The bottle contains Anno straplines from the gin bottle such as 'The Spirit of Alchemy', 'Created in Kent' and 'Handcrafted in small batches'. Alchemical symbols on the bottle include:


Anno ‘A’ - character for distillation

Earth – in reference to our natural and local ingredients

Ignis circulatorius or the Fire of Circulation – meaning distillation by heat evaporation causing steam and condensation in a vessel

The Spirit of Life or reverberation – used in reference to drinking sensation

Evaporation/Dissolution – in reference to the process

On the Sloe Gin label the alchemical symbol means fusion and on the Elderflower&Vodka it is for gold.