Our Still

Patience is Part of the Family


“We decided to call our still Patience as we felt her name adequately reflected our journey so far, which has taken much longer than we expected and we have had to be very patient throughout the whole setting up process.”

Our Still - Patience

Christian Karl Logo Patience is our beautiful copper-pot still and was designed specially to our requirements.  She was created by the craftsmen of Christian Carl, a family run business near Stuttgart, Germany, who have been manufacturing distillery equipment since 1869.  We like to keep things small to achieve the best quality, so Patience only has a 300 litre capacity.  She is designed to be flexible with the ability to adapt to the different production requirements for gin, vodka and other spirits as desired.

Making our gin in Patience

In order to make our gin, neutral grain spirit is added to the copper pot along with traditional plant-based botanicals including - amongst others - juniper, coriander and cassia along with softened Kentish water.  The mixture is heated for several hours to release the distinctive flavours of the botanicals into the alcohol.  

We then slowly distil, and the vapour containing the optimum flavours passes through into the botanical basket.  It is in the botanicals basket where our specially selected handpicked local Kentish botanicals are waiting to be gently infused by the vapours, creating a sensual aromatic delight, unique to our creation.  This exquisite fusion of flavours is then passed through a rectification column, making it wonderfully smooth, before being cooled and transformed into the divine elixir that is Anno Kent Dry Gin.