Our Story

Harvesting the Science

We, the co-founders of Anno Distillers, are PhD research and development chemists Andy and Norman.  Having previously worked together for over ten years we have developed a firm friendship based on mutual trust.  Our understanding and admiration of one another’s ethos and work ethic led to our decision to create a new company.

Andy and Norman

“With a shared passion for high quality spirits we were intrigued by the idea of producing our own products and revitalising an industry that was active in Kent in the Georgian period.”

 In 2011 we took the opportunity to follow our dreams and leave behind over 60 years combined experience working in industry and make a dramatic career change. 

“Our fusion of science and nature which we call ‘the spirit of Alchemy’ allows us to make incredibly smooth and distinctive spirits."


Distilling is both an art and a science

Science & AnnoDistiillersUnlike many distillers, our life-long science background in the highly technical pharmaceutical industry gives a practical understanding of the equipment capabilities, allowing us to make the highest quality products.  We utilise our skills to craft products designed for your pleasure.