03/04/2017 - Anyone for tea?

We've spent the afternoon having a lovely, fun-filled meeting with Francesca from Dandylion Tea! Their unique range of Tea blends are achieved by using pure ingredients with no artificial flavours added at all.  Their cocnept is all about giving you an honest, decadent cup of tea. Their blends that have been specifically designed to pair with pastries, desserts, and cheeses, designed to be enjoyed however you like it, hot, chilled or even mixed to make a cocktail. Which brings us to why we were having our meeting - on discovering that we would both be attening The Milk Fest at The Milk House in Sissinghurst (August 27th - pop it in the diary!) Francesca approached us to see if we would like to collaborate on some Gin/Tea cocktails. Easy question really. 

We've spent the afternoon trying a range of Dandylion Tea blends and mixing and matching them to our range of spirits. We think we've come up with a few winning cocktails that we're really excited about. Of course the only way to discern what worked was to taste it all . . . it's a hard job, but someone has to do it!