31/01/2017 - Crazy for Cranberries

We had a very exciting delivery to Anno HQ yesterday - Cranberries! And lots of them.

They are going to make 2017's batch of our Seasonal Spiced Cranberry & Gin. This indulgent drink is made with a delicious double infusion of our award winning Kent Dry Gin base, fresh cranberries, and the splendid spiciness of cassia and cloves, which adds an air of aromatics to please multiple senses all at once and leave a mouth-watering long-lasting flavour, that slowly warms you from head to toe. 

But before we get this mouth-watering spirit, we must start with the cranberries. They arrive frozen to ensure they're as fresh from the field as possible, before being transferred manually into handmade muslin bags. These bags are popped in a tank and we add our Kent Dry Gin blend and leave them to infuse for a long while. Once the flavours are perfectly blended we add the spices to achieve that magical, Christmassy flavour. 

If you (like us!) can't wait until Christmas for a sip of our Cranberry & Gin, we have a few bottles still available to buy in 70cl and 5cl bottles. It is equally tasty drunk neat or with a quality tonic, or why not experiment with adding champagne or sparkling wine for a fun fruity fizz.