31/03/2017 - New Toys!

An exciting delivery arrived from Slovenia today! (Well, exciting if you're a distiller) A brand new tank to store our wonderful spirits in whilst they infuse with either our sloe berries or our cranberries. After a bit of a dramatic start - the courier hadn't exactly planned how they were to get the tank off of the truck - a bit of standing around and head scratching, and some freindly neighbours with fork lift trucks, we finally got it into the distillery. 

Once in we happily unwrapped it and marvelled at how shiny it is (very, it is very shiny). Our next connundrum was how to retrieve the various parts for it from the bottom of the tank. Short of lowering someone in by their ankles, our only option was to tip the tank and crawl in. Which Andy happily (ish) did! Judging by the picture, it took all of Mikes self control not to roll the tank whilst Andy was scrambling around inside! We've welcomed our new tank into the team, and can't wait to fill her with gin, and lots of it!