Merry Christmas Everyone! - 24/12/2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! The distillery is now closed until the 6th January, but please remember all of our stockists are listed online if you need to grab a bottle of Anno for extra festive cheer!

Holidays are coming! - 09/12/2013

Everything is manic in the distillery and we are here, there and everywhere! We had two very successful, major events in London at the BBC Good Food Show in their Small Producers Village and at the Spirit of Christmas, and I can definitely say I am now in the Christmas spirit! Olympia was transformed into a winter wonderland for all those looking for interesting Christmas gifts. Liquid Pleasure on Tenterden High Street was bombarded by those after some Anno Gin for their Christmas Tables at Late Night Shopping on Thursday. Plus the Secret Cellar in Tunbridge Wells have Anno Gin as the managers choice at their Grand Christmas Tastings. Get your Anno Gin on order now- not that many days of deliveries left and I can’t wait for the Christmas break!

Charlotte's Bistro Gin School - 02/12/2013

Anno took centre stage at Charlotte’s Bistro this week. We educated attendees of Monday night’s Gin School about the excellence that Kentish Gin has to offer. Anno Kent Dry Gin was sipped neat with samphire as we talked through how Patience, our 300-litre copper pot still, works her magic on 16 fantastic botanicals including our local flavours to give a wonderful Kentish twist. Guests then joined us for an Anno cocktail.

Mrs Anke comes to visit

Mrs Anke from Mrs Anke’s Ladybits came to visit us today with Dan, from our stockist The Secret Cellar, Tunbridge Wells, and Mr Anke in tow- to take lots of pictures of our beautiful still, Patience. Watch out for her article coming soon at

Anno Web Shop is up and running - 02/11/2013

Great news… The Anno website shop is now up and running and we have already taken our first web-sale! Get your order of Anno Kent Dry Gin processed before the Christmas rush.

64 Degrees Brighton Opening - 18/10/2013

Norman, with Anno Gin in hand, attended the grand opening of Brighton's new coolest restaurant '64 Degrees', last night. Tucked away in the Lanes of Brighton, chef Michael Bremner and his team serve up delightful plates of local produce. This is gastronomy at its best with extra entertainment as you can sit and watch as your dinner is prepared right before your eyes! His kitchen is packed with gadgets including water baths and dehydrators, and best of all, Anno Kent Dry Gin is on the menu!

We're on the telly! - 16/10/2013

A surprising phone call came this morning from Peter Wittlesea and the team at the BBC South East News. They wanted to come down to the distillery to let everyone know that history has returned to Kent, us being the first to distil gin in the county in over 200 years, as well as being Kent’s first Micro-Distillery. The only catch was they arrived an hour later to film and we should be on the news tonight!

Norman talks science at Craft Distillers Expo - 03/10/2013

As the gin market expands and artisan is in vogue, craft distillation is becoming a big thing in the UK following on from the American trend. After the licencing laws changed in 2009, allowing us to make gin on a smaller scale, craft gins are beginning to flood the UK market and as the consumer becomes more educated the days are disappearing for marketing companies who get mass producers to make their products for them. Norman was on hand to talk through the chemistry behind distillation.

Fever Tree's G&T Fever - 26/09/2013

Fantastic night in the beautiful scenery of the Chelsea Physic Gardens, surrounded by many wonderful gins from all over the world thanks to Fever Tree's 'G&T Fever', in celebration of the quintessentially British G&T. The event allowed guests to taste their way through a huge selection of gins, one may argue it being one of the largest gin collections in one evening. All for a fantastic cause with £10 from every ticket going towards the fight against Malaria through Malaria No More. If you want to know more about the connection between Malaria and the G&T, click here for our history page under 'Tropical Gin':


Premises Licence is granted! - 17/09/2013

We are pleased to announce that the Anno Distillery has a premise licence, so you lucky people will soon be able to come and visit the distillery for tours and gin tastings and we will be able to sell direct from our door!


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