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By vapour-infusing the freshest Kentish elderflower into the vodka using a state-of-the-art botanicals basket, we have created a beautifully fresh and floral spirit drink that boasts a long-lasting flavour, that tantalisingly reveals its inner secrets as it dances across your taste buds. Perfect drunk neat with ice or with Prosecco. ABV: 29%
£34.30 70cl

Tasting notes
A clear spirit that shines with a subtle yellow hue
A crisp, bright and aromatic bouquet of elderflower, with underlying tones of peach and hints of honey
Smooth and silky, with harmony between the fresh and floral elderflower notes
Long-lasting sweetness and evolving floral freshness accompanied with a little warmth on the chest
Of course! The Kentish Elderflower we distil in Patience, has a beautifully sweet and aromatic floral bouquet. The elderflower is from the flowering elderberry plant and, though often thought of as quintessentially English, is wide spread in the Northern Hemisphere.  

Distillery status

Creating Kent’s favourite craft spirits is eventful work! Whether we’re hand bottling or our much-loved copper pot still, Patience, is busy mixing up some great flavours, there’s always something going on at the distillery. Take a sneak peek at what we’re up to right now:

Distilling in progress
Bottling in progress
Packaging in progress

Our awards

We love nothing more than to hear how much people enjoy our spirits, but awards are great too. We’re proud to share just a selection of our accolades, judged by connoisseurs and experts across the globe:


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