Vanguard Spiced Botanical Rum (Limited Release of 1,000 Bottles)


Vanguard Spiced Botanical Rum (Limited Release of 1,000 Bottles)

The Alchemists at Anno have conjured this special single-batch rum from Patience, our copper pot still.  Fermented and distilled in Kent with a melange of botanicals and spices using a fusion of Caribbean and English brewing styles, we tuned Patience to replicate the smoothness and characteristic flavour of a Jamaican double-retort still, infused with American Oak and Kentish Applewood.

This special release marks the start of a new voyage in the Spirit of Alchemy and we call all pioneering souls to join us in the Vanguard!

Available in hand-finished, wax-sealed single 70cl bottles.  Only 1,000 made! 

ABV: 40% (Vegan and Vegetarian friendly).

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Tasting notes


The appearance is a bright clear golden colour, showing signs of great viscosity with the rum collecting on the inside of the glass.


Bright, light, citrusy flavour with hints of pineapple, giving way to a deeper sweet spiciness.


Smooth and enticing aromas of kaffir lime combined with a well-balanced and complex mix of spices.


Peppery with a long lasting light oak, making you want to taste more. Every sip taken makes you believe you're sitting on a beautiful beach, which is all that's missing from this bottle!