Royal Refresher





Anno B3rry Pink Gin - 60ml

Creme de Frais - 25ml

Lime Juice - 15ml

1 egg white (Version 1)

Strawberry and chocolate shavings to garnish (Version 1)

Soda Water (Version 2)

Mint and strawberries to garnish (version 2)


Version 1

Add the four ingredients into a cocktail shaker and dry shake. Then add in a handful of ice and shake until the outside of the shakers is ice cold to touch. Strain into a Coupe glass and garnish with chocolate shavings and a strawberry. For a final touch, add some silver edible glitter spray on top. Enjoy. 

Version 2

Add the first three ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice until the shaker is cold to touch. Pour over ice into a tumbler and fill with soda. Garnish with mint and strawberry.

What you will need

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