Anno International Export


 Anno Distillers was formed in 2011 as a new, luxury British distillery to create high quality spirits using innovative and natural ingredients. The founders, Dr Andy Reason and Dr Norman Lewis, both PhD research and development chemists, wanted to create artisanal spirits whose unique character was their quality and fine craftsmanship. Unlike so many craft gins that appear to be marketing projects with little thought for quality, Andy and Norman put their scientific backgrounds to great use in creating ANNO, a British luxury brand.

 Their dream was to build a luxury distillery that combined both art and science using their technical background in science and their love of quality spirits. Together they set to work using the finest natural ingredients sourced from their idyllic surroundings in Kent to develop a gin that they would be proud of.

 This investment in the foundations of the company culminated in the development of the extraordinary recipes for the different spirits and then the search for the perfect bottles, graphics and packaging to make their dream come true. Finally, with all these element in place, the Anno spirits range was launched in 2013 at the BBC Christmas fair at London’s Olympia and from this standing start, sales of Anno have enjoyed continuous successful growth, with over 24 awards and accolades won, each bearing testimony to the care Andy & Norman take to ensure the high quality of the spirits Anno produce.


In the UK market Anno operates across multiple channels which include Retail, Hotel, Restaurant and Catering (HORECA) and On trade outlets where our experience and support are respected.

In addition to offering our award winning range of spirits we also produce premium white label spirits for discerning clients who value quality. The single most contributing factor to our continued success is our attention to the quality of  the actual spirit, using the master distillers experience and knowledge which is then lovingly handcrafted in the distillery to be enjoyed the world over.


2018 was our first full year of exporting with initial orders delivered to China, Germany,  Switzerland and Duty Free cruise markets.

Since 2020 with the Global pandemic  exporting has been a challenge, however, it has not deterred us from successfully opening new markets such as Norway, Italy and Japan with subsequent repeat orders as our brands establish within these countries.

In 2022 we are now export ready for Denmark, Thailand and Portugal, with discussions in place for markets in the US and Middle East.

To further demonstrate our commitment to quality, Anno operates to industry recognised audited food standards.

For export information please contact Nick Harding email