Anno B3rry Pink Gin

Anno B3rry Pink Gin bottle

Anno B3rry Pink Gin, the first pink gin from Anno Distillers

Get in the summertime spirit with this fruity mix of strawberry, blackberry and elderberry inspired by the beautiful Kent countryside.

Anno Distillers blend science and nature to create really special spirits. Ever since the release of Anno Kent Dry Gin back in 2013, they have been focused on artisan production and this summer Andy and Norman are proud to release a versatile, premium pink gin with personality.

Dr Andy Reason says "Science allows us to discover and understand things we didn’t know existed. Our company ethos, 'the spirit of alchemy', drives our exploration of fantastic Kentish flavours and I am excited to present to you a serious pink gin, with even more botanicals per litre than our award winning Anno Kent Dry Gin. It is pink gin but not as you know it".

Our premium pink gin is produced by complimenting the fruity flavours of the Kent countryside with a sweet, spicy gin base. The base itself is produced in the London dry style, batch-distilled in Patience, our 300 litre copper pot still, with headline flavours of chocolate, cardamom and orange distilled alongside Kentish elderberries forming part of the complex blend of 10 botanicals. ABV: 40%

Try Anno B3rry Pink Gin and allow your senses to guide you through a rich and heady journey which starts with your eyes. The stunning fuchsia pink blend is 100% natural, thanks to a special combination of fruit and natural colours. Discover a welcoming aroma of chocolate and summer fruits with added complexity from delicious ripe dark berries. On the palate it is exceptionally smooth, spicy but sweet giving immediate flavours of cardamom, chocolate and orange followed quickly with natural Kentish berry flavours. Not content with just using strawberries we added blackberries and elderberries to capture the abundance and depth of flavours that Kent has to offer. This gin leaves you with an intense berry finish that luxuriates on the palate but finishes with an indulgent creamy smoothness. Dr Norman Lewis says "It has a flavour chemistry that inspires awe and wonder just like all good science experiments should".

Pink gin is widely thought to have originated for medicinal purposes, used by members of the Royal Navy and later becoming fashionable in England as a cocktail in the mid-19th century. The pink hue came from a dash of dark red angostura bitters added to the softened flavours of Plymouth style gin. Lemon rind was also commonly used as a garnish, as the citrus oils subtly complement the flavour. Records show that even the great grandson of Charles Dickens was enjoying a style called 'Burnt Pink Gin' consisting of 1tsp angostura, burnt over a flame and then poured into 'a large tot of dry gin'. The popular film, The Man With The Golden Gun, shows James Bond ordering a pink gin with plenty of bitters, in the bar of the Thunderbird Hotel in Jamaica. Now, modern pink gin varieties tend to be sweeter and take their colour from fruits, berries or other natural sources.

Featured as the local hero in the Fenwick artisanal food and drink makers campaign

Tasting Notes


A sparklingly clear, beautifully deep fuchsia pink spirit.



Playful notes of fresh summer fruits are entwined with chocolate undertones.


A smooth rich chocolatey welcome leads a delightfully juicy burst of berry flavours, underscored with traditional juniper aspects.


A harmonious and pleasant finish with citrus notes and a creamy smoothness.

Perfect serve:

A pink gin with this much flavour can be served two ways. Your options are to keep it Kentish and serve with tonic, a single leaf of mint and a halved strawberry; an exquisite classic option that brings out the sweet berry fruit. If you prefer your gin less sweet, serve with tonic, a sprig of rosemary and a slice of grapefruit which compliments the spicy base gin.