Anno Christmas Puddings

29/08/2019 - Bee & Bear Bakery release Anno Christmas Puddings

Bee and Bear Bakery Anno Cranberry and Gin

Bee & Bear Bakery present Anno Christmas puddings


Alice from Bee & Bear Bakery visited us at Anno Distillers with some of her very special Christmas puddings. She takes Anno Sloe Gin or Anno Cranberry & Gin, soaking the fruit in the spirits to take on lots of flavour before incorporating them into her wonderful recipes.


Local ingredients are used wherever possible, free range eggs and even growing her own herbs for use in savory muffins. A lot of her recipes are available as gluten free, vegan or both; this includes the Anno Christmas puddings.


Anno Sloe Gin Christmas pudding


You can already pre-order them from the Bee & Bear Bakery website and they'll also be available at our upcoming Bluewater shop from September and into December, while stocks last of course. Alice makes everything in her vintage 2-oven Aga, then it's simply packaged and ready for you to enjoy.


We were absolutely captivated when tasting these and there was no doubt we wanted to be involved. The Cranberry & Gin option is a perfect pudding to start. The spiced, festive Anno flavours come straight through but without an alcohol taste. The Sloe Gin option is somehow fruitier than your usual pudding, with a full flavour that any Christmas lover will adore.


Anno Cranberry and Gin Christmas pudding


We hope you'll make these unique treats a part of your Christmas and don't forget to share your photos and thoughts on our social media.

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