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Blending experience

Filling flasks with selected flavours from our carboys


We invited the lovely Roxii from TravellingRox blog to enjoy a fun gin blending experience at our Bluewater pop-up shop, which was open till 29th December 2019. Couldn't make it? We also offer the experiences at our Marden distillery all year round. Vouchers and tickets are available on our website.

Selecting flavours by sampling distillates

What's it all about, other than enjoying premium spirits straight from a local distillery? It's an afternoon of learning while you're guided by an expert tutor. Roxii comments "I can’t recommend the whole experience enough. The Anno team are absolutely lovely and just want us all to have a good time and share their passion for Anno. It was fantastic to see the team so passionate..."

sample flavours before narrowing down your choice

Roxii prefers semi-sweet flavours balanced with spice, and there's definitely something for every palate. The experience includes welcome samples of our craft gins, to get you thinking about the depth of flavours that are possible. You'll sample distillates, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions about their qualities when added to your gin.

Be guided through the gin making experience

Through the experience, the supplied notebook is there to record your thoughts, as you sample the wide variety of tastes on offer. Each is categorised to help guide you towards flavours you know you love, as well as a chance to discover something new and maybe surprise yourself! Roxii noted "I managed to narrow my choice to down to mainly sweet flavours, including rhubarb, sweet orange, lavender and old Tom syrup, with a few spices including ginger, pink peppercorn and grains of paradise." For some added colour, she chose butterfly pea flower which starts off purple and turns pink when the pH changes - by adding tonic for example. You can see the colour magically transform in her photos.

Fill flasks with spirits straight from our carboys

Once the challenges of sampling and decision making are complete, you can sit back and reward yourself with a G&T made from your blend. This is the moment when you've officially become an Anno alchemist. All that's left to do is to carefully fill your large bottle with your blend, select a label design and come up with the perfect name. We do the rest, you take home your very own personalised bottle of gin and a generous goodie bag and certificate.

Mix up a sample size of your own gin blend

The whole experience lasts around two hours, so you have plenty of time to come up with your ideal blend. Share your photos on social media, pour your friends and family a taste of your amazing creation and when the bottle's finished, you can contact us and use your notebook to re-order a bottle of your recipe at a later date.

Finslly filling your customised bottle to take home with a generous goodie bag


Roxii was very kind and allowed us to use these photos from her experience, visit her TravellingRox blog to read more about it. While you're there you can discover lots of other fun and exciting things to do around Kent or beyond, follow her adventures.


Available at our Bluewater shop or our Marden distillery

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