Kent's first whisky from Anno Distillers and Westerham Brewery

Anno Kent's first Whisky

Two multi award winning companies produce Kent's first whisky

Andy and Norman are malt whisky lovers, and from the point of first opening a distillery, dreamed of making a whisky. After successfully launching Anno Kent Dry Gin, their scientific curiosity led them to flex their distilling skills to see whether they could create an exceptional whisky of their own. Keeping true to their links to Kent they came up with a plan together with Westerham Brewery, whose beers they love, initiating a joint venture to create a high-quality single malt whisky, the first ever to be made in the county of Kent. The mash was fermented by Westerham Brewery at their Pootings site and then the wash was distilled by Anno Distillers in Marden, with the exclusive cask being filled in May 2015. Since then, the single cask has remained at the distillery untouched, the spirit maturing and developing new characteristics, much like its surroundings. In 2018 the resting spirit officially became whisky and, following a tasting by owners of the two companies (Andy, Norman and Robert), they were encouraged to release this young whisky. Now in 2019, both companies have grown in so many ways, with dozens of awards won between them. Westerham Brewery now boasts a new building, with a beautiful tap room and shop, while Anno Distillers has extended its site with a modern bottling facility, shop and gin blending experiences.

Kent's first whisky in presentation box with new make spirit

Limited edition

You'll have a unique opportunity to purchase and celebrate the brewing and distilling skills that produced this magnificent whisky from Kent. The limited edition bottles, each bearing metal embossed labels and a black ceramic cork, will be hand numbered and presented in an attractive, handmade wooden box. In addition you’ll receive a stainless steel flask containing 5cl of the new make spirit (the spirit as it was before adding to the oak cask). Finally, sitting aside these will be a booklet containing the distillers tasting notes, together with a certificate of authenticity. Purchases of this very exclusive whisky set will be limited to just three per person, at £120 each. Call Anno Distillers on 01622 833278


Back in 2015, Westerham Brewery combined their borehole water, finest English barley malt and their two strain heritage yeast to ferment Kent’s first whisky wash. Anno Distillers then used their copper pot-still, aptly named ‘Patience’, to convert the wash into an exquisite and smooth spirit that was filled into a single, medium-charred Bourbon cask. Patience is also one of life’s most sought after virtues and one that has been required whilst the new make spirit rested harmoniously with the oak of the Bourbon cask, interacting with the Kent air that permeated the wood. From the union of these elements the spirit has taken on a beautiful straw colour, together with lovely sweet caramel flavours. We are thrilled that the time is now right to release Kent’s first single malt whisky. The amalgamation of Kentish brewing and distilling craftmanship has resulted in an exceptionally smooth spirit that has a unique and charming flavour, which we are sure will delight your palate.


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Robert from Westerham Brewery with Andy and Norman at Anno Distillers in 2015


New Make Spirit tasting notes

  • Appearance - Colourless, bright and clear.
  • Nose - A clean spirit with balanced intensity and a distinct earthy maltiness combined with bread and pear notes.
  • Palate - High intensity of flavour giving a dry sensation of earthy malt with grass, menthol and ripe fruit.
  • Finish - Long and lingering.

Whisky tasting notes

  • Appearance - Clear, pale, straw-coloured liquid.
  • Nose - Delicate and clean on the nose with a fine balance of dry fruits and sweet nuts, which is followed by caramel, toffee and a hint of cedar and oak.
  • Palate - A very smooth, creamy and warming spirit with balanced intensity. There is initial caramel giving way to hints of pear, raisin and nuts, with a hint of liquorice.
  • Finish - Light oak with an exquisite toffee and caramel sweetness that has a good length.

Andy, Robert and Norman with Kent's first whisky in 2019

"Overall an elegant pale straw-coloured liquid which is very clean and refined on the nose, expressive and perfectly balanced on the palate with a complex and persistent finish and a velvety, warm mouth feel.  A serious and elegant whisky with a strong young character which is best drunk neat to fully appreciate the complexity and balance of flavours of this exceptionally smooth spirit."

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