Raise A Glass For Fathers Day With These Cocktail Ideas

Which Fathers Day cocktail favourite will you make?


Martini Squared


Does your Dad like the idea of being a stongman? Then why not make him a Martini Squared. This isn't any ordinary Martini- you'll need Anno 602 Gin, dry vermouth and a twist of lemon. Click for the recipe


Ultimate Kentish G&T


Go traditional for Father’s Day with The Ultimate Kentish G&T, it's so simple and delicious. Use Anno Kent Dry Gin and a premium Indian tonic water. If you’re feeling extra nice, add some lime and samphire as the perfect garnish. Click for the recipe

Gin Mule


Be Dad’s mixologist for the day and make him up a Gin Mule. This drink is a combination of Anno Kent Dry Gin, sugar syrup, fresh lime and ginger beer. As an extra garnish you can use some fresh mint, try rubbing it in your palms before adding to realease its full flavour. Click for the recipe


60 Squared Negroni


We can prove that best things really do come in threes with this Gin Negroni, with Anno 602 Gin, sweet red vermouth and Campari. Serve with ice in an old fashioned glass and a twist of orange to get into Dad's good books! Click for the recipe


Malt Whisky Sour


Make your own Whisky Sour with Anno single malt whisky, simple syrup, some fresh lemon juice and an egg white. You could add a cherry to garnish or a splash more whisky to suit his taste. Click for the recipe


Sloe Sunrise


Are you celebrating this Father’s Day? Why not bring this special guest along to the party and you’re guaranteed a good time. Make a Sloe Sunrise with Anno Sloe Gin, fresh orange juice, and your favourite champagne. Click for the recipe

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