The Boldest Gin Lovers Drink Outstanding Anno 60 Squared

28/07/20 - Discover why true gin lovers choose Anno 60 Squared. Learn some perfect serves, appreciate the unique flavours and buy online

Let's take a closer look at Anno 602 Gin

Did you know, it was originally made as a special release of just 1,000 bottles to celebrate Anno founders Andy and Norman's 60th birthdays. Gin lovers found a new favourite, so due to its popularity we kept it on as part of our range.

What's in it?

The unique botanical blend in Anno 602 Gin is a well-kept secret but we can tell you that it's big, bold and woody on the palate, with juniper, whole fresh lemon and a specially selected blend of Kentish hops.

Cocktail recipes with Anno 602 Gin at their heart

 The 60 Squared Negroni

Not for the faint hearted, the flavours will astound in this combination of Anno 602 Gin, sweet red vermouth and campari. Find the instructions here.

The Mediterranean G&T

Add a taste of the Med to your G&T by adding a herbaceous flavoured tonic to Anno 602 Gin and a slice of red grapefruit. Find the instructions here.

The Martini Squared

For the connoisseur. Sip gently and the flavours are extraordinary. Find the instructions here.

What do people think of Anno 602 Gin?

Watch the brilliant Bobby react to his first taste of Anno 602 Gin, he really brings it to life with his passion for craft gin.

Anno 602 Gin won a silver award in the San Francisco World Spirit Competition, read more about the win on the Produced in Kent website. A silver medal represents "a product that is outstanding in its category. The product shows refinement, finesse and complexity. The product is amongst the best examples of their category".

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