Try the world's strongest gin, Extreme 95 from Anno Distillers

The world's strongest gin

Finally, some much needed good news – we are releasing a new gin and it’s not just any gin, but a world record breaker! Introducing Anno Extreme 95 Gin.

Perhaps taking a page out of singer Adele’s album naming habits (17, 19, 21), when Anno founders, Andy Reason (An-) and Norman Lewis (-no), turned 60 years old we released a celebratory edition - Anno 60 Squared Gin, which was also, not uncoincidentally, a 60% ABV gin. Norman is now away from the company enjoying his retirement, but Andy is still working hard in the distillery and wanted to find a way to celebrate his next milestone birthday of 65 years. A few recipes were experimented with, but the one that really got everyone excited came straight out of the still, at a whopping 95% ABV. So, we turned that “6” from Andy’s age upside down to get 95, and increased the botanical loading to make an intense, highly concentrated gin. Thus, ‘Anno Extreme 95 Gin’ was born and released on Andy’s birthday weekend, it immediately becomes the strongest gin available on the market anywhere in the world.

Anno Extreme 95 suggested garnishes of grapefruit and thyme

As the strongest gin in the world – obliterating the previous record-holder’s effort at ‘just’ 82.5% ABV - its high concentration means it is intended to be consumed sparingly, as a 5ml serving. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t still pack a punch though; at this size you are actually consuming 75% less alcohol compared to a normal double measure of a 40% ABV gin, but you still enjoy the same amount of stunning flavour and taste. Recommended to be served with a slice of grapefruit to enhance the fruity flavours within, it also boasts sumptuous nutmeg, citrus and eucalyptus botanicals which give a smooth feel on the palate while developing long-lasting liquorice notes.

Because of its strength, Anno Extreme 95 Gin comes in a small, but mighty, 20cl bottle. It comes with a small measuring beaker as an added homage to our scientific heritage, allowing you to measure the perfect 5ml serving (or 25ml for the more daring). With only 5ml needed per serving to achieve great taste, that’s a superb 40 servings per bottle!

Watch the making of Anno Extreme 95 Gin


Review video from No-nonsense Gin Drinking on YouTube

Tasting notes

  • Appearance: Crystal clear with shimmering brightness
  • Nose: Distinctively earthy, with powerful juniper and subtle citrus aromas
  • Taste: Robust juniper and smooth spices soften into a fresh bite of citrus with sweet herbal notes
  • Finish: Long, dry and complex with hints of warm liquorice

Serving Suggestions

  • Anno Extreme 95 Gin + Tonic with grapefruit, 5ml serve
  • Anno Extreme 95 Gin + Tonic with thyme, 25ml serveAnno Extreme 95 comes boxed with a 25ml measuring beaker

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At 95% ABV, we believe Anno Extreme 95 Gin to be the world's strongest gin at the time of official release, November 2 2020. It has been developed out of scientific curiosity and pushing our experiments to the limit, so please observe the warning on the front of the bottle. Due to the strength of alcohol and increased botanical loading, a 5ml serving with mixer is recommended. We ask you to please enjoy all of our products responsibly.


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