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29/10/20 - As restrictions and local lockdowns are put in place across more of the UK, you can still buy our 80% alcohol quality certified hand rub sanitiser, made in our Kent distillery, with free delivery to the UK mainland. Available in several sizes and even a convenient family pack.

16/09/20 - You can now also buy our hand sanitiser from our Bluewater shop from 17th September till the end of December 2020. The shop is in the upper mall and you can find out more details here. Please remember to wear a mask if you're able and our staff will be wearing PPE in a COVID-secure environment. We hope to see you soon!

23/07/20 - We've reduced the price of our hand sanitiser by making savings and passing them to you. There are now even more sizes to buy directly on our website, including 5-litre containers. If you require larger quantities than shown, please contact us or fill out the form above for more information.

23/06/20 - Our EN1500 WHO-approved hand sanitiser is now also available with a pump dispenser on 500ml and 5l containers, along with the rest of the range. Fill out the form above or call the distillery if you'd like to learn more or place an order. We're already supplying many different sized businesses in Kent and beyond, including Bluewater shopping centre, who are trusting the quality and effectiveness of our hand rub for their customers.

 15/06/20 - Our Anno hand rub sanitiser has been tested on 12/06/20 by an independent laboratory accredited in accordance with the recognised International Standard ISO/IEC 17025. The composition met the requirements of the WHO published formulation for hygienic hand rub sanitiser. The microbicidal activity of the WHO-recommended formulation has been tested by WHO reference laboratories according to EN standard (EN 1500). The product complied with the WHO specification and it can, therefore, be concluded that it is effective to use. So that's even more reassurance that our hand rub can help keep you safe, along with regular hand washing and other precautions.

14/06/20 - As Bluewater shopping centre prepares to reopen safely to the public, we are proud to be their suppliers of hand sanitiser throughout the retail park, for customers and staff. You may have seen us mentioned on KMTV, as the crew visited to highlight the measures being taken to help keep visitors and workers safe.


26/05/20 - Read more about our work making hand sanitiser on the Business in Maidstone website. Recently, we have begun working with specialist supplies companies to get sanitiser into chuches for those still working and in preparation for churchgoers returning to services as guidance allows.

15/05/20 - In the past weeks and as people start returning to work, we've been supplying hand sanitiser to a wider range of businesses and charities. Companies such as Bigjigs Toys, charity Dandelion Time and a range of local clubs and businesses are using it for their staff or for resale. Enquire about larger containers for your workplace.

05/05/20 - We have released a family pack of hand rub sanitiser, available now and containing x5 50ml spray atomisers and x1 500ml refill bottle with nozzle attachment. Today we supplied staff at Bluewater shopping centre with larger containers and we encourage any businesses requiring any amount to call us during business hours or fill out the form above.

 27/04/20 - Orders and donations of smaller sized containers of hand sanitiser have been arriving at their destinations. In an effort to support independent local businesses, we have also started supplying local Kent farmshops who are offering safe collection of shopping to their customers. We're continually producing and it's been just under a month since the first batch started making its way to businesses and charities in bulk quantities.




23/04/20 - We've now added 500ml bottles of Anno Alcohol Hand Rub to our online shop. These are also being stocked by some local shops in Kent. If you are a local shop/farmshop, or would like your favourite one to sell it, then please get in contact, as we may be able to supply for resale. 

20/04/20 - You can now buy cases of 12x50ml Anno Alcohol Hand Rub directly from the distillery. We will also be making 500ml containers available in the next week. We will be working hard to maintain stock but please be patient if we run out, demand will be high but we have capacity to keep producing more. You can also receive one free 50ml atomiser per order on our website, while stocks last.

14/04/20 - We've now started taking delivery of containers which are suitable for personal quantities of hand sanitiser. We are also sourcing more packaging options to offer convenient and safe use. If you've signed up on the form then we'll be notifying you by email, as soon as they're available. Otherwise, keep visiting this blog or follow our social media for updates.

Anno Hand Rub Sanitiser 50ml bottles

08/04/20 - Today, a delivery of hand sanitiser is on its way to Kent Police, with more to follow as we keep up with demand. We've also delivered a donated quantity to our charity partner, Spadework in Offham, who were then able to keep their farmshop open. We are also expecting to be in a position to supply to the public very soon. Please check back soon and sign up above, to hear more as it happens.

07/04/20 - As of today, we have started making our third large blend of Anno Hand Rub (sanitiser). Our team have been distributing donations of containers around our local area and providing businesses with larger quantities to help their staff continue working safely. Sign up using the form above, to be informed as soon as we have stock available to buy from our website or if you'd like someone to call you regarding supply for your business or charity.


06/04/20 - On Monday, the NHS South Maidstone Primary Care Network (PCN) contacted us via this blog, asking for help with the supply of Alcohol Hand Rub, without which they'd have been unable to roll out their Covid-19 response team. The network is made up of Greensand Health Centre, Wallis Avenue, Albion Place and The Mote Practice. We were also able to assist with sourcing disposable aprons, so they are now up and running, able to help Covid+ patients. Please follow all government advice online, if you or someone you know thinks they may have symptoms.

01/04/20 - We are pleased to announce that the first batches of Anno Hand Rub have gone out to help in the fight against Coronavirus (Covid-19). These larger batches will help our industry and medical teams to continue working safely, along with other safety procedures, social distancing and PPE. A quantity was donated to The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, to help protect the hardworking staff and vulnerable cancer patients. Our next step is to start bottling lower quantities in containers suitable for smaller businesses and by mid-April, personal sized bottles for public use. Please be understanding as we try to source appropriate containers and work within safe guidelines to bring you an effective and safe finished product.

 31/03/20 - Very soon, we will have this website updated with available stock. Businesses or charities should please sign up for up-to-date information using the form and we will let you know when and how it becomes available. We are working hard to bring it to you as quickly as possible. Thank you for sticking with us during this time, as we pivot our whole business while still being open for orders of our gins and spirits.

Keep watching our social media, newsletter and check back here for further updates. Stay safe, stay home and look after yourselves.

20/03/20 - With so many unknowns around us, it feels appropriate to share a photo of our development still, Defiance, working away. Like her, we're all trying to keep some normality at Anno, so we can continue making your favourite gins and spirits.

If you're isolating or distancing, please remember we sell all of our products on our website this includes experience vouchers, which helps us now and gives you or your loved ones something to look forward to, at a later date.

As a thank you for sticking by us, we'll be running special offers, discounts and free gifts when you shop with us on our website. Sign up to our newsletter or follow our social media to find out more.

You may have read about distilleries across the country using their equipment, skills and supplies to make sanitiser and hand rubs. We are currently going through the official processes required to produce these too, to first equip the emergency services and as supplies allow, to our customers and the public.

Stay following for more updates and please keep in touch, as we love hearing from you. Any stories about lockdown cocktails and what you're creating with things from the back of the cupboard are particularly welcome!

Stay safe, look after yourself and please be thoughtful and responsible towards others, as we find a path together through whatever's ahead.

Love, from the Anno team

Please also read our statement from 16th March 2020 on how we're postponing tours and experiences at the distillery, click here.

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