Reach for deliciously versatile Anno Elderflower and Vodka for your next cocktail

20/08/20 - Cocktail lovers have found some gorgeous uses for Anno Elderflower & Vodka, we've put some ideas together for you

We take a closer look at Anno Elderflower & Vodka

We discovered the versatility and beautiful, floral flavour and fragrance of elderflower, as one of the sixteen botanicals used in our Anno Kent Dry Gin. The humble flower deserved to be showcased in its very own spirit. So, Anno released our Elderflower & Vodka in 2015. Anno Passion photos taken by Jess Loughrey, used with thanks.

Only one botanical?

The recipe includes hand foraged elderflowers from the Kent Countryside, infused in vodka and that's all. Simply delicious. The elderflower is a dainty, creamy white flower that is the blossom of the Elderberry. It produces a sweet, floral, fragrant flavour and it most commonly used in making elderflower Cordial.


What can I make with it?

Elderflower G&T

A beautiful floral twist added to the Ultimate G&T, a must for elderflower lovers. Find the instructions here.

Anno Passion

 This luscious, summer creation was designed by the clever cocktail crafters at Custom Drinks. Find the instructions here.

Elderflower Mojito

 A refreshingly sweet twist on a classic cocktail. Find the instructions here. 

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