We love Anno Gin And Spirits Reviews

If you've been browsing our delicious range of spirits and you're having trouble choosing, let these bloggers and reviewers lend a hand.

We love this post from blogger Rosie & Gin, who goes into great detail about the flavours in our Anno Kent Dry Gin. You can also learn about some of the details on the bottle, which speak of the unique botanicals within. Read the full blog post here.


Kent-based travel-lover, Roxii is a big fan of Anno (see her here with a bottle of Anno Orange & Honey Gin) and has previously written about the fun she had at one of our blending experiences on her TravellingRox blog. You can see some great photos of her visit and read all about the recipe she came up with. Read all about her visit here.

No Nonsense Gin Drinking is a fantastically energetic YouTube Channel run by the animated Bobby.

You can watch him react to trying Anno Kent Dry Gin and Anno 602 Gin for the first time, both reviews are great fun, very entertaining and give you a deeper understanding of our spirits, if you haven't yet tried them.


The Humble Pescatarian blog is a brilliant place to find easy recipes and we were featured in a great post about our Anno Orange & Honey Gin. The descriptions really bring the aroma, flavour and botanical characteristics to life and you can read the whole post here.


Ginblogger.com wrote a lovely story featuring a day out with a group of Kentish runners who stopped off midway for a Gin and Tonic. They give their impressions of our Anno Kent Dry Gin with some back story to the company name and a few anecdotes for good measure. Read it here.



Gin Foundry wrote such an in-depth review of the Anno Distillery and some of our spirits, including Anno Kent Dry Gin, a few years back that we couldn't help but include it here. The write-up includes great depth about gin botanicals, the process of making it and how much work goes into setting up a distillery.


Rachael (Gingirlalltheway - clever name!) reviewed Anno B3rry Pink Gin. "When I seen this bottle of Berry Pink Gin I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and when I read the description I could almost taste it!!..." To read the full post, head to her Instagram.

Dominic AKA Ginanddomic, is a talented crafter of garnishes and a very keen gin lover. We've had the pleasure of reading his thoughts on our Anno Sloe Gin, among others. He also captures some beautiful photography of his creations and our bottles. Read more on his Instagram.


Neil, Gin_and_Life on Instagram is an avid craft spirits lover, reviewing lots of new gins and even moving into vodka in this case. He shared his first impressions of Anno Elderflower & Vodka after picking up a bottle at a 2019 food festival. Read more on his page.

We'll be adding more reviews to this blog post in future, so keep watching our social media for updates.

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