World Gin Day 2020

We're lucky to be supported by a number of amazing cocktail creators, mixologists and 'ginthusiasts'. So for World Gin Day, 13th June 2020, we've put together some of our favourite creations, made with Anno spirits.


@ginanddomic Created this 'Rosemary & Anno Sloe Gin Sparkler with Lemoncello'. We love the colour fade and the green garnishes really compliment the look.


@two_gindependent_women fought the cold weather with this 'Better than Lemsip' sour citrus creation using Anno Orange & Honey Gin. No tonic in sight but definitely a cure for those cooler days.


@vikingcocktails welcomed in the new season with 'The Height of Spring', celebrating Kent, the garden of England with a mix of flavours from the county and Anno Kent Dry Gin.


@forcocktailsake whipped up this 'GnD for Brunch' using Anno Orange & Honey Gin and a frothy coffee top. This take on the dalgona trend is delicious as it is beautiful.


@gin_and_life scoured their drinks cabinet, finding some Anno Kent Dry Gin and port to make this full flavoured and fruity 'Port of Call' for a warming treat, perfect for sipping around an open fire.


@ginanddomic celebrated Easter with Anno Orange & Honey Gin and a side of chocolate. We love the idea of mixing these flavours and the creamy sweetness working with the tangy citrus.


@frasersegerton enjoyed a simple gin and tonic, made with Anno Kent Dry Gin. We love the idea of pouring a drink to enjoy out in the open air of the countryside.


@cucumberandtonic paired our Anno Orange & Honey Gin with a Mediterranean tonic water and garnished with sweet clementines. We love the thought that it has aromas of freshly squeezed orange juice.


@twosistersupnorth had a gin o'clock moment, appreciating the floral notes of Anno Kent Dry Gin. They chose a garnish of frozen lime to cool off on a warm spring day.


@blackedgebrewerytap were feeling blue with some bad weather, so decided to coax the sunshine with Anno Kent Dry Gin, garnished with zingy lemons and limes.


@ginanddomic broke out the giant ice cube trays to create an ultimate Anno Kent Dry Gin and tonic. These colossal cubes are packed with Florida Pink Grapefruit & Rosemary.


@gin_and_life poured this pretty looking Anno Orange & Honey Gin and tonic, choosing dried fruit slices as a garnish and serving in these very cool honeycomb glasses.


@theginjudge has created a 'Bees Knees' worthy of its name. The honey and brown sugar rim on the glasses really compliment the fruit and botanical flavours in our Anno Orange & Honey Gin.



@the_gin_to_my_tonic couldn't think of anything better for a cold winters night. They mixed our spiced Anno Cranberry & Gin with Clementine tonic, with the tangy oils from an orange slice and some pretty peel.


@two_gindependent_women used our Anno B3rry Pink Gin to create 'Anno There', a simple pink G&T packed with juicy strawberries and fresh mint as the perfect garnish. Too beautiful to drink?

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