The Anno team

Our enthusiastic team has strived to ensure that every drop of Anno relays the passion and love we all share for quality craft spirits. We impart our fondness for science and nature into each bottle to bring you the best flavours that the Garden of England has to offer.


Company founder & co-director

A self-confessed perfectionist, his attention to detail makes him a great distiller and all-round handyman who enjoys the finer things in life especially good gin!

Favourite cocktail —

Anno 60 G&T


Sales & Marketing Manager

Immense scientific curiosity and sense of adventure, if not teaching people to SCUBA dive or playing hockey, you'll find her creating cocktails or promoting gin.

Favourite cocktail —

Samphire Martini


Our beautiful lady

We couldn’t do without her. She is a 300L copper-pot still, designed specifically for us and she plays her role exquisitely, making multi-award winning spirits.

Favourite cocktail —

Dry - Straight Up


Head Distiller

Spirit and beer enthusiast, creator of all things weird & wonderful. In the distillery he’s mastered the art of craft production, bringing lots of new flavours to life.

Favourite cocktail —

Cheeky Tiki


Senior Brand Ambassador/Sales

He is a former wine buyer and entrepeneur who enjoys watching the Gills FC at weekends, if he's not pouring you a gin or two at his or yours.

Favourite cocktail —

Anno 60 G&T


Distiller & Quality Manager

Growing up on a farm outside the local village, he developed a love for the outdoors and an appreciation for the Kentish countryside.

When he's not developing the latest spirits, he enjoys collecting and listening to vinyl records.

Favourite cocktail —

Captain Sloe