Anno Distillers and Turners Cider make a great mix

Drinks inspiration with Anno Distillers and Turners Cider

We've mixed some of our classic Anno spirit flavours with 100% Kentish Turners Ciders, give them a try


Anno Elderflower & Vodka with Turners Pear Cider


The sweet, crisp flavour of Kentish pears is captured perfectly in this lightly sparkling cider. Add some Anno Elderflower & Vodka for a delicately floral cocktail, wonderful for summer days and dinner parties. Find the recipe here and try it for yourself.


Anno Sloe Gin with Turners Medium Cider - it's a Slider


Classic, sparkling medium cider poured over lots of ice (or cider cubes) and topped up with Anno Sloe Gin. It's a rich, classic countryside cocktail that's perfect when garnished with seasonal fruit. Find the recipe here and enjoy!


Anno Cranberry & Gin with Turners Apple Pie Cider


Or, the Cranberry Apple Pie. Like biting into the classic, baked treat, it's indulgent and simply delicious. Buy Anno Cranberry & Gin, get your cider and find the recipe here to enjoy hot or cold.


You can buy Turners Ciders seasonally from their website or a number of Kentish local suppliers, contact them for more information.